Science is a collaborative process and modern science should be friendly, supportive, and built by communities

I think it’s very important for early-career ecologists to support each other (and for senior scientists to support their junior colleagues). As such, with immense help from peers, I have tried to create communities, useful platforms, and support systems.

Here are some.

Early Career Pollinat* Ecologists Database

A list of early career (grads, postdocs, faculty/perm scientists within ~5 yrs PhD) ecologists interested in pollinators and pollination. I hope it will be useful for finding collaborators or for journal editors to find reviewers.

See the database here
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“Young Pistils” Slack Group

A Slack for graduate students, candidates, and postdocs working on pollinator/pollination ecology. We discuss papers, share job resources, ask questions about methods, all sorts of stuff.

Please email me for the link to join at jmola[at]

Social Justice in Ecology Slack Group

This one is new (as of June 2020) and is facilitated with Maureen Page. Right now we’re mostly running a book club to read books related to social justice issues with an emphasis on academia and science. We’re currently reading “Memoirs of Black Entomologists”.

Please email me for a link to join at jmola[at]

The Aggie Brickyard

This is a magazine/newsletter hybrid thing I started with some friend-colleagues at UC Davis. Despite being a product of the Graduate Group in Ecology at Davis, a lot of the discussion/content is widely applicable to Ecology more broadly and there’s great photography and artwork in every issue as well.

It lives here: