Hello! - I’m John and I like to learn about bees and plants.

John M. Mola, PhD
Research Ecologist
Mendenhall Fellow
U.S. Geological Survey
Fort Collins Science Center
jmola [at] usgs.gov

I am a USGS Mendenhall Postdoctoral Fellow advised by Dr. Ian Pearse in Fort Collins, Colorado.

My research focuses on a variety of questions within pollinator ecology and conservation, often with an emphasis on bumble bees, fire ecology, and the use of conservation genetics methods. I recently completed my PhD in Ecology with Dr. Neal Williams at University of California Davis in 2019.

Please check out my Resources page. If you’re an early career researcher, or advise early career scientists, you may be interested in our Slack Workspace or database of early career pollinat* ecologists. Additionally, I am part of a Social Justice in Ecology Reading Group that is open to all interested. Details on the resources page.

This website functions as my personal/professional website for hosting summaries of my research, a list of publications, and whatever little bits I feel like blogging about. You can find more information on my research at my Google Scholar page. You can find my official USGS staff profile here.

Please get in touch with me if you want to talk about any of the above interests or if you notice any site errors. I am fairly active on twitter if that’s your thing: @_JohnMola.

First worker of 2015 marked with opalith tag & my favorite field assistant.