As of October 2022 I no longer maintain this site. Please visit for my current lab website and other updates.

Big News! I'm starting a new job!

I am quite pleased to say I’m starting as an Assistant Professor at Colorado State University in the department of Forest and Rangeland Stewardship in October 2022! [Read More]
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New paper on The Importance of Forests in Bumble Bee Biology and Conservation

Approaching one decade of studying bumble bees, an emergent property became apparent to me in reading and keeping up with bumble bee ecology literature: forests often are an important part of the story, but they are rarely the focus of the story. So, along with colleagues, we decided to review... [Read More]
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What does it take to be a "fully successful" Federal Research Ecologist?

After about a year and a half with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), I thought I would write up some thoughts of common things people ask about. Specifically, when I tell other early-career researchers about my “performance review”, they seem really interested. Clear indicators of “success” are rarely offered in... [Read More]
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